Whose Hands Are You In?

Placing Trust In The Hands Of Experience
The reality of age and its symbiotic relationship with beauty is one we all face in our lives. People seek a variety of options and remedies, including basic makeup, complex skin care applications, and even surgery procedures, all of which have proven to increase self-esteem.  When a person’s self esteem is heightened, the quality of life also improves.

When it comes to surgical beauty procedures, there are two types:
Reconstructive surgery—to repair birth defects and deformities from accidents and disease
Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery—this includes facelifts, nose reshaping, breast augmentation, liposuction, and other appearance enhancing procedures.

The Healer Of Those In Harms Way
Finding and trusting a reliable, experienced surgeon is a difficult task to accomplish. In Louisville, there are a number of talented plastic surgeons who successfully go through their residencies, but there are very few doctors who’ve honed skills from trauma-based surgical cases on patients who have experienced the devastating and debilitating results of combat.

Dr. Richard H. DuBou of Louisville Plastics is that kind of surgeon.  Serving as Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Public Health Service at the Marine Hospital Department of Surgery in Galveston, Texas, Dr. Dubou has had the rare honor of making whole men and women who have placed themselves in harms way and giving them their lives back – literally and aesthetically.

Because of the extensive experience that surpasses aesthetic surgery procedures in skill level and expertise, selective female patients see beyond the hype, stock photography and slick branding that many other aesthetic surgery centers have.  Instead they take solace in knowing that Dr. Richard H. DuBou is very active not only refining the beauty of his patients, but also healing them with his skills as a practicing micro neural hand surgeon.

Beyond Aesthetics Surgery
Dr. Richard H. DuBou also held a fellowship in hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery under the renowned Dr. Harold E. Kleinert in Louisville.  This experience and his active practice in hand surgery cases only increase his patients’ trust and confidence even more when under his care for surgical aesthetic procedures.

One aesthetics patient, Lisa, told of her experience with Dr. DuBou:

“Dr. DuBou was very professional and mindful of my past struggle with anorexia and self image. I told him I was concerned about some of the appearance of lines in my face that the other doctor mentioned. I asked Dr. DuBou about possibly wanting Botox. He looked my face over, smiled, shook his head and said ‘No Botox for you.’ It showed me he is the type of surgeon who is there to help and will not push procedures on someone when they don’t need it.”

When someone is considering a journey in aesthetics refinement such as liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, or other plastic surgery procedures, finding a doctor with the right combination of artistic flair and extensive experience can be rather difficult.  However, Louisville is very lucky to have Dr. Richard H. DuBou and his team at Louisville Plastics where patients can have an aesthetics doctor with also practices delicate micro neural reconstructive surgery regularly.  Something to consider when discerning whose hands you choose to place absolute trust in.

Find out more about Louisville Plastics and Dr. DuBou’s PRE DERBY AUGMENTATION SPECIALS by calling  1 855 NIP N TUK or louisvilleplastics@gmail.com .

Written by Peter Balaskas

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