Taking Time to Heal: Recovery from Plastic Surgery in Louisville

Taking Time to Heal: Recovery from Plastic Surgery in Louisville

Surgery of any kind is an intensive medical procedure that requires proper recovery time. This is especially true for cosmetic surgery patients who must consider the post-surgery recovery process as a vital step in achieving the results they desire. The success of any cosmetic surgery depends just as much on the observance of healthy habits and concentrated healing post-surgery as it does on the talents of the plastic surgeon.

At Louisville Plastics we are committed to providing a effective and safe surgery experience from the first consultation to the last follow-up appointment. We provide patients with robust instructions for recovery. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your recovery:

A Successful Surgery Begins Before the Operating Table

A patient’s habits prior to surgery often impact the success of the surgery and recovery period. Cosmetic surgery patients may face a few days of downtime up to a few weeks of recovery post-surgery. This expected downtime often causes patients to overextend in the days leading up to surgery.  We often sacrifice good self-care when buzzing about trying to tie up all loose ends. However the most important thing to take care of prior to surgery is the health and wellbeing of the body.

Commit to a balanced diet and and stay well hydrated pre-surgery. A healthy diet provides essential nutrients vital to supporting a healthy body pre and post surgery. An underfed or dehydrated system may struggle to heal as its primary focus becomes seeking nourishment. Take time to eat healthy meals and relax. In addition to eating a healthy diet, work to reduce and eliminate cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine in the weeks before surgery. Consumption of these products may stall healing time.

Take time to establish your home recovery space ahead of time. Minimize the need for movement by placing necessities like toothbrushes, clothing, and blankets in easy to reach areas. Simple tasks like taking out the trash or pre-preparing meals will help keep you off your feet during the recovery period. Good planning helps keep the recovery period restful and revitalizing.

Follow Your Doctor’s Recovery Instructions

Cosmetic surgery patients find it all too tempting to sneak peeks at the results of surgery early. However doing so may disrupt sutures and impact healing. Success depends on paying diligent attention to incisions, bandage redressing, and pain management. Patients should take care to keep sutures clean to minimize scarring. Inflammation can be reduced with ice or cold compresses. Observe all dietary recommendations. More than anything, rest and sleep as much as possible during this time. Good rest helps the body heal more quickly.

Care of these items helps prevent infection and reduces swelling leading to more pleasing surgical results once the bandages are ready to be removed for good. Dr. DuBou provides detailed recovery protocol; careful adherence to these guidelines results in a more successful recovery.

Ask For Help

Ask a friend or family member to assist you during your first few days of recovery. Having an extra set of hands around helps prevent overreaching and keeps you focused on healing. Also, the downtime of recovery can be mentally challenging. The combination of pain associated with healing and anticipation of the results can create a stewpot of emotions. Chats with a friend or family member help keep the mood elevated during a trying period.

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